Legislative Update

Our legislative update panel will provide us with detailed summaries of the key issues and bills addressed this year in California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. We’ll also be discussing and soliciting our 2022 legislative ‘wishlist’. – Michelle Mierzwa, Esq. Wright Finlay & Zak (moderator) – Mike Belote, Esq., California Advocates – Holly Chisa, …

Post-Pandemic Concerns

Now that we’ve heard from Fannie and Freddie, what’s next? Our panel will discuss potential problems and solutions for trustees, title companies, servicers, and posting and pubs. – Glenn H. Wechsler Esq., Law Office of Glenn H. Wechsler (Moderator) – Chet Sconyers, First American Mortgage Solutions – Mary Wendel, MK Consultants – Tiffany Malm, USRES

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